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Help with the interwebz...

Do any of you use Hulu and/or NetFlix?

We're considering getting rid of cable and home phone and getting a faster internet connection. Could I stream Hulu on the Wii? How do I add "Subscriptions"? I added a few awhile back, but now when I search for a show, it only shows me the episodes...I can't find a subscribe button.
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I don't watch a whole lot of TV, period, but I will occasionally watch stuff on Hulu, usually short clips from SNL. There are tons of devices in the market that will stream netflix and/or hulu and put it on your TV, most of which are in the $100-300 range. I think Netflix just came out for Wii relatively recently, but I don't know about Hulu. Dumping the cable TV subscription and moving toward an on-demand model is definitely the way to go, though.

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We got rid of our cable and home phone and just use Netflix. love it!!

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We don't get cable when we are on our own, we just have a computer or laptop attached to the tv. We love hulu, and I watched all the bids on too, and we dl things. We only miss the travel and science shows.

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I just got the Xbox, and synched my Netflix to it (it was pretty easy and Wii should be the same) and its changed my life...

...just kidding, but its pretty cool for not having had cable for years. :)

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We don't have cable and just use Netflix.

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We just download from =P

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We have Netflix for Wii. It's easy to get, just go to the store and DL the Netflix app (which is free). Sign in and you're ready to go. We haven't been able to get Hulu to work, I think you need a different kind of box for that, or I just haven't been able to figure it out. I just watch any TV show on my actual comp (we got rid of cable, too, and until last week didn't even have a converter to watch normal TV).

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we haven't had cable or home phone for a few years. we do have a subscription to netflix (one dvd out at a time with unlimited instant for... $9.99 i think. they just raised to price $1 because they have a new streaming only option for $7.99) we also use hulu, but i'm not sure if you can watch it on the wii. we have our mac hooked up to the tv so we watch it over that. as for subscribing, i just search for the show and go to the shows homepage and there is a little plus sign that says subscribe right near the top (but under the show photo) on the right side.

i really think having netflix is totally worth it, you can still watch tv shows and they have some awesome documentaries. and it is SO much cheaper than cable.

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We have no cable, and just use Netflix both discs and through the Wii. I keep hearing about Hulu but haven't checked it out yet :)

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Also on the no cable + Netflix train. I haven't had cable since the 90's.