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Do any of you use Hulu and/or NetFlix?

We're considering getting rid of cable and home phone and getting a faster internet connection. Could I stream Hulu on the Wii? How do I add "Subscriptions"? I added a few awhile back, but now when I search for a show, it only shows me the episodes...I can't find a subscribe button.

Date: 2010-12-02 03:18 pm (UTC)
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we haven't had cable or home phone for a few years. we do have a subscription to netflix (one dvd out at a time with unlimited instant for... $9.99 i think. they just raised to price $1 because they have a new streaming only option for $7.99) we also use hulu, but i'm not sure if you can watch it on the wii. we have our mac hooked up to the tv so we watch it over that. as for subscribing, i just search for the show and go to the shows homepage and there is a little plus sign that says subscribe right near the top (but under the show photo) on the right side.

i really think having netflix is totally worth it, you can still watch tv shows and they have some awesome documentaries. and it is SO much cheaper than cable.

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