inimitablea: (Kitty Comfort)
inimitablea ([personal profile] inimitablea) wrote2006-01-30 07:10 pm
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Mr. Mustard

Isn't it strange how much love and affection we give our animals, and they in turn give us? Just sitting here, sick, under 5 blankets, watching a movie, and then its over and I cry, and Mustard comes and cuddles with me. Rubbing his head under mine, licking a tear away from my cheek. Not in the least bit worried about getting sick. Sitting on my laptop, because he wants sole possession of my lap. Now he's just lying here beside me. Content just to be near, safe, comfortable. Unconditional love.

I don't know why they say dogs are man's best friend. Guess its just me and the Mustard kitty, alone in the world. *smiles* I'm pretty okay with that too.