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I proclaim this journal to henceforth be "Friends Only"

Comment here if you'd like to be added.

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observation: an interesting day to pick for this to be created on. Hmmmmm.

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hey you!!!
tanx for the adding you back!!
this journal is new but i update alot.

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Added you. :)

Will you make me your friend?

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So...will you add me to your friends list? Yep, it's Matt from work :-)~
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im commenting about your hug a tree icon. can I use it?

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I found it somewhere, did not create it, so yes, go right ahead. :-)

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I didn't know your LJ name...I was feeling bad about it the other night too. :-) You're so added...

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I totally had no idea who you were until I saw your icon. Amusing. How was your weekend?

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*grins* Thanks for adding me. I think your icon is cuter though.

It was a great weekend! I need those more often. How was yours?

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It was good, but the larp portion (the ARC) was super lame.

Cleveland D/S

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My name is Pam and I also happen to be a Clevelander. I am messaging you today to see if you knew of any good hangouts or local areas that are good for D/s relationships.

I'm brand new to this lifestyle and do not know that much, and so (somewhat) is my Sama (also in the Cleveland area) and any help you can send my way would be wonderful.

Also, great question on sub dropping. (I just finished with school and have a career going, but its hard when its not only with D/s life but also with a boyfriend who is still in school.


Re: Cleveland D/S

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Hi Pam -

I just saw this, and I'm REALLY sorry that I never got back to you. I really don't know any local scenes, because everyone I've met has been online...

I hope things are going well for you. I'm adding you on LJ. I hope that you won't mind!



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I miss you so much....we have got to get together. Big Hugs to you


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Girlie, I know your pain oh to well today. You just described my life. Well, if you wake up at 3:00am and need to talk call me. I am always here for you. Hugs to you. Love ya

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Enjoyed your company last night :) Hope to see you and Chris again soon!

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Pleased to make your acquaintance? Add me, yo!

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You're added, biatch.

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You know, I added you, but you didn't add me back...add me?

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Hi Amy,

This is Dawn.


I'm barely ever online these days, but I saw you on here, and have truly enjoyed the few times we've talked, so, here i am, telling you I've added you and that I hope you return the gesture.

Hope you are well!

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*hugs* You're added.

I've really enjoyed talking to you too. You seem like a really great person, who I'm really excited to get to know better. Cleveland is becoming brighter every day.

Thank you for adding me :-)

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Mi piace!

And I'm glad Cleveland is gaining positives with you. I adore Pittsburgh as well, but Cleveland is the closest place I've come to "home" in my life.

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wow, girlie! Just read some of your latest! I miss you! The pictures of Lauren were awesome. Just gave my duckie away! So sad! Chat soon. Love you like crazy!

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I don't know if I have already done this or I missed this post at some point (apparently in the future) but let's be friends!

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You had me worried that LJ did some kind of blip and screwed up my account. We already are friends, silly. How are you?

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Good but busy, working for a least the next week then likely research until school starts if not longer. How are you?

Hey Girly, this is my new account

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I just thought I'd stop by and request you here, I don't use my old account on here anymore. I hope things are going good for you and your family.

Btw, I accepted your request on Linkedin.

Teresa Jimison

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Hi! i'm here via pyaar_ishq's LJ, and it looks like we have some things in common. Mind if i add you and let's see if we'd be good LJ pals? :-)

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Sure, I'll add you. :) Sorry I've been bad about updating recently, but I'm planning to get back to it very soon.

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Hey, it's me, hippiecritter. Add me back? :)

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:) I'd love to! So glad you added me!